Markus Linnenbrink

Markus Linnenbrink is born in Dortmund in 1961. From 1969 to 1971 he lives in Brasov, Rumania. Linnenbrink studies painting at the Gesamthochschule in Kassel from 1982 to 1985 and is a master student of Raimund Girke’s at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. In 1999 he starts teaching at the Fachhochschule in Dortmund.

Since 1988 Linnenbrink’s works have been shown in numerous single and group exhibitions. They include sculptures (for example Gebilde, 2002) as well as large-size pictures and wall-, floor-, and ceiling paintings some of which are on site works. At the center of his oeuvre is color. In his works, Linnenbrink applies paint in parallel stripes (Hammer Projects, 2003; Allesnochmalalles, 2000), punctures it throughout the surface (Jerusalem, 2003), forms it into structures (Seerosengießen, 2003), creates color shapes (Zap, 2005) and uses different materials to apply his paint. The color stripes and its dispersion evoke movements, changes, provide instructions as to perception which the irritated eye feels compelled to follow. Through his specific way of working with paint his works acquire a physical presence, but also narrative qualities. The qualities of pigments and binders, made by Linnenbrink himself, are decisive for his concept of aesthetic color effects. Drops, streaks that emerge due to the substance and consistency of the paint, provide haptic information about the creation of the painting, but also about the paints that show themselves as having a life of their own (Laufen lassen, 1999). Moreover, Linnenbrink also refers conceptually to iconographic traditions and art historical color connotations, using them as reservoir for his abstract pictorial systems. The »all over«, the seemingly unlimited application of paint that transgresses the »frame« of the material painted upon the support at the same time suggests notions of endless space (Ausst. »Von der Fläche zum Raum«, 2001).

Markus Linnenbrink lives and works in Dortmund and New York.


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Markus Linnenbrink: Ausst.-Kat. mit einem Text von Reinhard Ermen, Köln o.J.

»Im Grunde«, Markus Linnenbrink: Ausst.-Kat., Köln o.J.

»reflect what you are«, Markus Linnenbrink: Ausst.-Kat., Köln o.J.

Bildrechte: VG Bild Kunst, Bonn 2014 Foto: Tobias Roch, Hagen Bildrechte: Calder Foundation New York / Foto Stiftung Lehmbruck Museum Bildrechte: gemeinfrei, Foto: Peter Hinschläger

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